10 Genealogical Brick Walls You Will Face (and How to Demolish Them)

Tuesday, June 146:30—8:30 PMDover Public LibraryDover Public Library73 Locust St., Dover, NH, 03820
Lecture HallDover Public Library73 Locust St., Dover, NH, 03820
VirtualDover Public Library73 Locust St., Dover, NH, 03820

In genealogy, a brick wall is an ancestor who seemingly refuses, despite repeated attempts, to reveal their origins. No matter how hard you try, you are unable to connect them to your family tree. They remain the stubborn puzzle piece who refuses to fit in. In this presentation we will survey the most common kinds of brick walls and learn some tricks for demolishing them. From immigrants to paupers, sojourners to pioneers, name shifters to hushed up family secrets, nearly every genealogist will come across these types.

This program is presented by Robert Cameron Weir, a genealogical researcher based in Dover, N.H. He specializes in hard problems related to New England genealogy, from 1620 to the present. He is a member of the Association for Professional Genealogy and chairs the Publication Committee of the New Hampshire Society of Genealogists.

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